Ian Speers, B.A., LL.B.

Ian Speers carries on a legal practice located in south Etobicoke in Toronto's west end, concentrating on real estate, wills, and estate planning. 

A graduate of Queen's law school, Ian also holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto in ancient and mediaeval history.  He grew up in Etobicoke.

Ian is in his seventh consecutive term sitting on Ontario Bar Association's Real Property Section Executive, serving his second term as the Chair of the Executive. He has both chaired programmes and delivered papers at continuing education sessions presented by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Ontario Bar Association, and has taught for two years as a sessional instructor at Queen's University, Faculty of Law, teaching LAW 460 - Land Transactions.  He has also volunteered extensively at Law Help Ontario, a civil court duty counsel project operated by Pro Bono Law Ontario, assisting self-represented parties in litigation.

Prior to practising law, Ian worked for more than a decade in Canadian interuniversity sport media relations.  He is a past Sports Information Director of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues, and during his time in law school also served as the media coordinator for the Queen's Golden Gaels football team. He has been actively involved with the Vanier Cup, Canada's national university football championship, since 1998, an involvement that continues as the Vanier Cup archivist, and game-week assistant (as work obligations permit). Having significant historical knowledge of the development of Canadian football in the 19th century, Ian is a co-author of the book, 150 Years of Football at the University of Toronto: 1861 to 2011, in addition to a number of other articles and monographs.  A keen numismatist, Ian has penned articles on the pre-Confederation token currency of Canada, and is a Fellow of the Canadian Numismatic Research Society.


Law Society of Ontario

Toronto Lawyers Association

Ontario Bar Association

Canadian Bar Association


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