Ian's practice focuses on real property matters, including general conveyancing of residential and commercial real estate. His approach to real estate law is rooted in the lawyer's traditional role of transactional due diligence, being significantly more than just "handling the paperwork" of a closing.  In the era of title insurance dominating residential real estate purchases, it is increasingly commonplace to ignore the value of traditional off-title searches and inquiries that might inform a purchaser about the state of a property, simply because protection against financial loss is "covered" by a title insurance policy.  Such an approach fails to serve clients, as it does not inform them as to the nature of what they are actually obtaining.  Ian believes in tailoring each transaction's due diligence to a client's needs, and blending the complementary advantages of active due diligence and title insurance's no-fault claim regime to ensure that purchaser clients are both informed and protected as best as possible. 


  • Commercial and residential purchase, sale and refinance transactions
  • Negotiating and drafting private agreements of purchase and sale of land
  • Mortgage enforcement / power of sale
  • Review and negotiation of commercial lease agreements